Calling all Year 4 Primary Teachers!

Calling all Year 4 primary school teachers!

Are you looking for better ways to prepare your class for the new MTC test this year? Mathtermind is a phone/tablet app that as well as practising basic mental maths, also includes a full mock version of the MTC which follows the official guidance. Available for iOS, Android and Amazon devices, Mathtermind is designed for pupils to use at home or at school and costs just 99p! No ads, no subscriptions, no in-app purchases, just 99p!

Even better, if you are a teacher you can get a completely free copy of the app to try out before recommending it to pupils and parents. For a free iTunes/Google Play code to get the Mathtermind app for free, send us a message ( with just your name and where you teach. Don't forget to mention whether you use iPhone/iPad or Android so we can send you the right code!

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