Calling all Year 4 Primary Teachers!

Calling all Year 4 primary school teachers!

Are you looking for better ways to prepare your class for the new MTC test this year? Mathtermind is a phone/tablet app that as well as practising basic mental maths, also includes a full mock version of the MTC which follows the official guidance. Available for iOS, Android and Amazon devices, Mathtermind is designed for pupils to use at home or at school and costs just 99p! No ads, no subscriptions, no in-app purchases, just 99p!

Even better, if you are a teacher you can get a completely free copy of the app to try out before recommending it to pupils and parents. For a free iTunes/Google Play code to get the Mathtermind app for free, send us a message ( with just your name and where you teach. Don't forget to mention whether you use iPhone/iPad or Android so we can send you the right code!

January 2020 Newsletter

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Mental maths made manageable!
January 2020 Newsletter: Happy New year!

Welcome to our January 2020 newsletter and a happy new year to you!  Hopefully you had a relaxing Christmas holiday.  As you are aware, this year sees a new national test for primary schools- the Y4 MTC. How can you ensure your pupils are ready for the test?Mathtermind to the rescue!

What is Mathtermind?
 If you don't know about the Mathtermind app yet, it practises mental maths in a variety of engaging ways.  What better way to ensure your pupils do their very best than by letting them (and their parents) know about Mathtermind?  It is suitable for all primary school pupils, and practises mental maths at differentiated levels.  For only 99p, it is an absolute bargain.  No in-app purchases, no subscriptions, no free trials, no adverts, just a simple one-off 99p. 

I started writing the Mathtermind app originally just to help my daughter practise her multiplication tables.  It quickly expanded to include addition, subtraction, division and even telling the time.  It was only after I added the 99 Challenge quizzes to the app that my daughter's headteacher let me know about the Y4 MTC.  Over the summer I added support for the MTC so that Mathtermind gives pupils a complete mock test on a smartphone or tablet.

It is available on iPhone/iPad, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

Free Y4 MTC Resources
The Y4 MTC (Multiplication Times Tables Challenge) starts this academic year, and it is quite a challenge.  I have prepared a parent summary of the key information which can be found free on TES Resources here. There are also free differentiated mental maths worksheets included.  

Mathtermind is for ALL primary school pupils, not just Y4!
 Mathtermind will help all primary age pupils to improve their mental maths. It practises addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a variety of differentiated tasks and it even helps practise telling the time!  

5) Why should your school use Mathtermind?
Mathtermind is ridiculously good value - there aren't many quality educational resources you can get for just 99p these days. No hidden extras, no advertising,  no in-app purchases, no subscriptions, no logins.  Just 99p.
Mathtermind will do all of the hard work involved with getting prepared for the Y4 MTC.  Let pupils practise and learn independently at their own pace.  
Mathtermind practises addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and telling the time in an engaging and very customisable way, making it a dream for effective differentiation.
Mathtermind can be used both in school and at home - set it as extra home learning to either add challenge or provide extra support.

If your school is familiar with the
99 Club Maths Challenge, then you will love Mathtermind's Challenge section where you can earn your 33, 66 or 99 award.  

No logins and no sign-ups, just download and get practising! If you are concerned about privacy (like we are!), this should hopefully be good news as it means we don't obtain any of your information.

If you would like any more information about Mathtermind, or you have any suggestions for features you would like to see, please reply to this email.  Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter - I hope you enjoy using Mathtermind!


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